Our website  (Ezifunds) back office have been updated with an auto upgrade feature.
This feature helps everybody to evenly upgrade and also give the full amount that supposed to go as earnings to their upline. 
We are still committed to giving our members the opportunity and what ever it will take to unlock their earnings of $12,175 in the team matrix structure stage. An amount of $12,175 is what a member get when all upgrades are deducted in the team matrix structure. 
The auto upgrade feature deduct  50% of every earning from level 3 to level 5 of your team matrix structure. Any amount deducted will be kept in an auto upgrade account which will be used to upgrade the member  automatically to the next level.
This 50% deduction will continue  until all levels have been achieved. After all levels have been achieved, the auto upgrade feature stops deducting 50% earning of member's earnings. Hence the member start receiving full earnings after all levels have been activated. 
Members can view their balance left to be deducted in auto upgrade system in the auto upgrade page. 
Members can also transfer funds from their available balance into the auto upgrade account to upgrade to higher levels. 
With the introduction of this feature, members will not lose their profits and upline will enjoy full profits from his Downline's upgrades.


In our quest in creating a full business Eco system, we proceeded to launch a daily login bonus. 
Daily login bonus shows in the back office of all active member every 24 hours. It ranges from $0.9 to $0.01
Login bonus cannot be withdrawn. 
The daily login bonus will form the basis of the currency we are going to use in our business Eco system. Accumulating more daily login bonus will increase your purchasing power in our eco system. 
For this to come to light we need to get more active business. As we work on qualifying and funding more businesses you can use this time period to accumulate the daily growth.  


We are still committed to providing the best to our members. In line of this we have decided to introduce automatic upgrade system to allow for an even earnings for all members. 

As a member completes the team matrix structure that member is entitled to $12,175 when all members within your matrix upgrades. In light of this we will allow for an automatic upgrade so the system automatically upgrade you to a higher level when the need be.

When this is done members are assured their team matrix earnings of $12,175.


There will be one additional wallet added to the wallet in your back office. This wallet will be a frozen wallet. 50% Earnings from level 3,4 and 5 will go into this frozen wallet which the system will use it to upgrade the member to the next level. After all levels are achieved system stops the 50% deduction to the frozen wallet and then member start to enjoy the full earnings again. 

Members can also upgrade manually if they wish to do so.

We believe this will bring more fairness and members will earn what is due to them because there will be nothing like member losing profit for failure to upgrade. 

If you have not registered or you have registered but did not activate your account, this is your  opportunity. Take hold of this opportunity and it will have positive impact on your life. 

To those who have registered and activated take this opportunity to the door step of your loved ones and I believe this will put a smile on their faces. 


Best regards